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Identify, Locate and Protect Underground Services

Our main aim is to educate staff on current legislation and their basic duty of care for locating underground services, prior to the commencement of any excavation works.

This training provided an awareness for the identification, location and protection of underground services in preparation of a site for construction operations. It includes a demonstration of searching for known or potential services or utilities which may exist under the surface of a specified excavation site. Dial before you dig plans and locating devices such as cable avoidance tools will be used to assist with the locating of services.

You will be trained in the management of risks arising from presence of above-ground, overhead, and underground services in vicinity of workplaces and in particular the use of safe working procedures (SWMS).

The importance of Site Specific Inductions will be highlighted to focus attention on the presence of above-ground, overhead, and underground services on the site and their potential for energy transfer.

Additionally, procedures and controls and emergency response requirements for those hazards present at the site, determined through risk assessment, are to be reinforced throughout the training sessions.

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